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Construction Technology Predictions vs Survey 2012

Posted by Dave Robertson on Mar 15, 2012 9:48:00 AM

As discussed in our previous post, the predictions around the technology trends for 2012 place emphasis on emerging technology trends such as:

  • Cloud computing
  • Advancement of seamless, cross-platform mobile application
  • More intuitive, integrated, and self teaching software

Although the predictions have been established, we need to take a look at what the construction companies are actually doing this year. A recent survey conducted by The Sage Group gauges the opinions of its construction and real estate customers on questions relating to Construction Industry Technology Trends. Some of the key findings include:

  • technology efficiencyNearly 60% of the respondent believes that increasing efficiency via technology is the most important action to carry out.
  • However, 45% of the surveyed companies do not understand cloud computing.
  • 34% of the respondents indicated that they would increase the use of smartphones/PDAs mobile technology in 2012.

One of the conclusions I draw from this information is that the industry has accepted that it is important to identify technology that can improve the efficiency of their business however they are uncertain what solutions best fit their needs. Rather than trying to understand the supporting technologies and deferring important decisions it may well be better to simply identify the solutions that make sense from an application perspective, satisfy yourself that they are secure and then get on with reaping the benefits of the proven systems that are already available today.

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