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Lost Submittals and Shop Drawings

Posted by Dave Robertson on May 6, 2010 8:39:00 AM

submittal shop drawing scrollsI was copied in on some recent correspondence between one of our clients and an architect they are working with on a project (details removed for privacy).

The conversation is illustrative of the reason so many construction professionals are looking for better ways to manage some of the traditionally paper/courier based processes like submittal and shop drawing review.

ARCHITECT: See attached for submittal review.
CONTRACTOR: Thanks [Architect],
Do you know where the first Mechanical shop dwgs are? They were submitted a month ago. See attached transmittal
ARCHITECT: Hi [Contractor].
The first package came in a box with another submittal, and I did not realize they were in there. I found them late last week and rushed them to [Consultant]. If it’s okay, I’ll have them returned via email. That will be faster.
Have you used PlanSource? Would it be more efficient?
CONTRACTOR: Yes we have been using PlanSource for tendering for about 5 years. They have been trying to get us to use it for shop drawing process but have yet to find an architect to agree. Have you used it before? Would you like to explore it for [Project]. There is a cost so if [Project Architect] agrees we can use the Contractors Contingency Allowance.
ARCHITECT: Let’s talk to [Project Architect] about it tomorrow. I am not great at the whole distribution and courier/tracking system. I find that submittals come in and then get buried on my desk.
I wouldn’t mind trying it.
CONTRACTOR: Hi [PlanSource]
Can you put a quick estimate or proposal together for [Project] for the shop drawing review process and documents so I can present it to [Client]. [Architect] is keen on using it. [Project] is a 12 month project with about 25-30 trades and 10-15 consultants. Let me know if you need any further info.

There are many benefits to online submittal review and tracking not the least of which is no more missing documents. Faster turnaround time, single copy mark-up and review and automated logging and tracking of the review process make it a better process for everyone.

Just to complete the story, the answer to the cost question on this project was “$300 per month or less depending upon actual usage”. The decision was to use the system for the project.

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