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Free stuff from PlanSource!

Posted by Dave Robertson on Dec 11, 2009 6:49:00 PM

We are nearing the final stages of developing a new secure online technology that is simply the fastest, easiest and most efficient way to share and distribute construction documents.

Do you receive digital files from others? Do you have access to an online planroom or an FTP site? Do you need to then share or exchange those files with other contractors or suppliers? PlanSource FT is designed to be the most efficient possible way for you to do that. It is like an FTP site on steroids. Unlike a typical FTP site where you can only transfer files, PlanSource FT allows users to instantly view, print, download or order paper copies of documents. It is easy to use and requires ZERO training. There is no software to buy or hardware to install. Just sign up online and in minutes you are ready to go.

plansource viewerPlanSource FT is the latest development from one of the construction industry’s most innovative and successful technology companies. Our experience in delivering online planroom technology to over 15,000 users on over 100,000 projects has positioned us with the technology platform and industry knowledge to develop this breakthrough on demand service for the construction industry.

We will be making Version 1.0 of PlanSource FT available early in 2010. If you would like to be one of the first to benefit from using it we have a great offer for a limited number of participants. The first 50 companies who sign up to use this great new software service will receive 6 months of service free. Simply click on this link to sign up. You will be provided with complete details of all fees (which only apply if you continue to use the service after the first 6 months) and of how the service works prior to the launch date. This offer is only available until December 30th 2009 so we encourage you to take advantage of this no cost, no risk offer and be one of the first to start saving time and money.

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You don’t want to save money?

Posted by Dave Robertson on Aug 26, 2009 2:25:00 PM

I was out for a walk in my neighbourhood recently. One of the telephone/media companies had a major sales blitz going on. There were sales reps in yellow shirts on every major street corner for blocks pitching the "best deal ever" on bundling phone and media services. I was approached 7 or 8 times with the same offer. Each time I declined. I was not interested in even looking at what they were offering even though I had no doubt it throw moneymight actually save me some money if I looked at their offer. On approach 7 or 8 I declined as did another guy waiting at the street light. As we walked away one persistent and somewhat aggressive sales rep hollers after us saying "So you don't want to save money?" In unison we answered "No".

So what is that about? It's not as if I don't like money or have so much stashed away that I just don't care. I know the company and know them to be very reputable and have no doubt they deliver phone, cable and internet services as well as anyone else. If I was dissatisfied with my current services or was actively looking to reduce my household expenses I might have looked. Other than that, I am simply not interested in the hassle of making changes as I don't perceive a compelling reason to do it. I don't think my reaction is that different from the way most other people react.

It is not much of a stretch to apply the same principle to the way many businesses approach their decision making around acquiring technology. They don't perceive a compelling reason to change even though they know that doing so will make their business better. It often takes a costly incident or major problem to motivate people to look for a way to avoid the situation in the future. It's worth asking yourself if your company is stuck in "what we have is good enough" mode. Maybe it is time to proactively look at solutions that could help you be more efficient and avoid that costly ‘incident or problem' while making your business better.

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