The Etegri Consultant's Program

Built For You

Our program gives you tools to extend your consulting practice, raise your value, generate new revenues, and deliver more value to your clients.

We invite you to join us.

A New Revenue Stream

You can generate revenue through Etegri, if you choose to, by charging a Consultant Fee to bidders. Etegri collects the payments within the platform and distributes 100% of the Consultant Fee to you. We take no commission or other fees.

The Consultant Fee is part of Etegri's flexible pricing model: fees can be paid by the procuring organization, by bidders, or a combination of both. In practice, nearly all buyers opt to have the bidders pay a small fee to cover Etegri's costs. We add your fee to ours so it is presented as a single fee. Note that if your client elects to pay our fee, you would negotiate your fee with your client and no additional Consultant Fee would be added.

There are three ways to set the Consultant Fee, depending on your business strategy:

  • Fixed fee for anyone submitting a response to any RF(x)
  • Variable fee depending on the value of the opportunity
  • Fee set by you for each opportunity

The fee is added to our standard pricing and displayed as such, so it does not appear separately.

Of course, whether or not you charge a Consultant Fee is up to you. It is an option available to all Certified Etegri Consultants.

What Etegri Does For You

As an Etegri Certified Consultant, we provide you with:

  • Private, co-branded Etegri site on which to run bid events for your clients or where they can run their own events
  • Private Technical Support number (toll free) for use by you and your clients that is answered with your company’s name
  • Co-brandable, marketing materials to use with your clients
  • Private co-hosted Etegri webinars to hold with your clients and prospects to educate them about e-bidding and Etegri
  • Training in how use Etegri
  • Etegri-Certified logo to use on your website and marketing materials
  • Listing on Etegri’s Certified Consultants page with a short bio/pitch and a link to your website
  • Revenue generation - optional depending on your business model

Your Responsibilities

For bid events that you manage

  • Use your co-branded Etegri site to run bid events
  • Give your client access to monitor the event

For bid events that your clients manage

  • Introduce Etegri to your clients
  • Have them participate in a private Etegri webinar run either jointly or by us for you
  • Depending on the situation, have them test Etegri with a fully supported free trial on your co-branded Etegri site
  • Give your clients your branded toll-free Technical Support phone number
  • Work with our team to ensure a successful trial
  • Work together in the sales process
  • Once your client is committed to use Etegri, work with us to set up their initial templates, address books, and so on
  • Monitor and assist your clients as they run events on your co-branded Etegri site

Join Us as an Etegri Certified Consultant and Start Building Your New Revenue Stream Today!