Got Process?

We do!

Not everyone finds process exciting - we do! We have a foundational belief that the better the process, the better the results.

Who are we? We're an experienced, committed team with a shared desire to deliver wonderful products combined with outstanding service to our clients.

Our company was founded in 2000 by Dave Robertson who believed that the Internet offered tremendous opportunity to change and improve the way procurement and bidding events were conducted. Since then the company has grown, innovated and lead the industry - we created the most comprehensive platform for handling highly complex procurement on the market.

In the early days we focused on solutions for opportunity management and document control. Since the purpose of those functions was to solicit a bid or proposal, our natural next step was a better solution for soliciting and receiving those bids and proposals online. Today, tens of thousands of owners and vendors benefit from the efficiencies and improvements in their businesses that have been enabled by our solutions.

Etegri represents the culmination of all those years of experience and development.

So what else is different about us apart from our strange obsession with process?

  • We want our Tech Support team to be lonely and bored. They already play a lot of solitaire waiting for the phone to ring.
  • Our Development team can build and patent complex, innovative software products, but can’t figure out how to declare a winner in their years-long Foosball tournament.
  • Our Client Support team is young, energetic and a constant source of new ideas. They keep us on our toes and from resting on our laurels.
  • Our Sales team doesn’t like to ‘do sales’. They want to help people solve problems, and if that results in us doing business together then everybody wins.
  • Our Executive team has a lot of grey hair. They remember the days before the computer ruled our lives but they have enough geek in them to be excited by technology and what it can do for us. They also like sailing.