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Why Do You Say Process Matters?

Posted by Dave Robertson on Dec 28, 2015 6:38:47 AM

It matters because a good process significantly improves the prospect of good results. Let’s consider some of the key reasons that this is important:

  • process-importance.jpgProponents who are submitting bids or proposals want to clearly understand what they have to do to win your business. It is too expensive and time consuming to take a risk on a submission without feeling confident in the process.
  • Proponents want to know they have a fair chance at winning your business and are not just being used to get the minimum number of ‘competitive’ submissions or as a check price to keep someone else ‘honest’.
  • A poor process reflects on what proponents believe it might be like to do business with you if they win the business.
  • A poorly designed process that has ‘booby traps’ that could lead them to make errors in the submission could cost them a chance at your business.
  • A poorly crafted process can cause you to have to reject a bid that would otherwise have been low costing you the difference in the price between them and the next otherwise responsive bid.
  • Lawsuits can and do arise from simple process related issues even as simple as when was the exact closing time.
  • The administrator of the opportunity can use up a lot of time resolving issues, answering questions, issuing amendments when the process is unclear or unacceptable to the proponents.
  • Many organizations are still requiring proponents to submit multiple hard copies of bids or proposals. This is expensive and time consuming for the proponent and depending upon the closing location can take several days off the response preparation time just to be sure it is shipped and submitted on time.

These are some of the reasons why we have focused our attention on building a system that dramatically improves the process for the both the proponent and the recipient. A good process results in lowered costs for everyone, less time required to respond, and dramatically lowered risk of incomplete or non-responsive submissions.

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