Case Studies

Client experiences and results using Etegri's bid management tools

Client: Large, multi-national construction company
Issues: Management wanted to move to eBidding, but was concerned about:
  • Resistance from Vendors to doing things differently
  • Resistance from Vendors to paying for the service
  • Internal resistance to changing the way the staff worked

The Etegri team worked with the client to create a set of templates that mimicked their existing bid forms making it simple to create online bid events. The team also worked to help the client’s staff standardize their various file structures into a department-wide structure which, while not needed for Etegri since Etegri uses whatever format is uploaded, made it easier for the staff to evaluate responses across projects.

After running several events, the client surveyed its Vendors and found:

  • Using Etegri:
    • “all bidders had no issues moving forward … and actually welcomed it.”
    • “local and small family businesses saw it as an advantage over larger companies [that have] administrative people, as the online bid submission removed a large amount of bid package preparation.”
  • Paying to bid:
    • “No resistance whatever. [The cost] … is easily compensated by the time saved, and printing and courier costs avoided.”

The client continues using Etegri for hundreds of bid events

Client: Construction firm specializing in large, complex projects
Issues: The company was having a lot of problems with Vendors’ submissions:
  • Late responses and disagreements about bid closing times
  • Non-compliant submissions, typically due to missing data
  • Communication issues, particularly with getting addenda and clarifications to all bidders at the same, or nearly the same time
  • Knowing who the confirmed bidders were to ensure that there was enough competition and that preferred bidders were competing
  • Lacking documentation about who did what and when in order to substantiate or refute claims and protests
The client moved its bid events to Etegri and all of these problems disappeared. The company can now see:
  • who has taken documents, and
  • who is working on a submission or has already submitted.

Non-compliant bids have dropped to zero since Etegri warns Vendors when required data is missing and will not allow them to submit until all mandatory fields are completed.

There is a single official countdown clock on the Etegri site, there are no more late submission or discussions about closing time, and instant submissions mean that Vendors no longer have to race to deliver their responses or pay courier fees to have them delivered.

Since all communications are online:

  • All bidders get the same information at the same moment;
  • The company has a complete audit trail of every activity concerning the bid event by every bidder as well as by the staff, so there is no longer any controversy over who did what or when.

“… this system has made my job soooooooooooo much more enjoyable than what it was!” client’s Bid Event Manager.

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