The Ultimate Deterrent to After-Bid Claims and Lawsuits - Etegri's Bid Management Software

Tamper-proof, closed end-to-end procurement software

A major headache, and sometimes a major expense, is dealing with complaints, claims and lawsuits from losing bidders alleging favoritism, errors, or other improprieties in the competition process. While manual systems, even those that allow email submissions, are highly vulnerable to such problems, Etegri’s cloud-based platform is not. Here’s why:

Impartial Rule Enforcement

The entire bid event process is driven by computer, so all bidders and submissions are treated in exactly the same manner.

  • Each of the rules you set for the bid-event is enforced for everyone
  • No submissions are accepted that do not adhere to every rule

Simultaneous Uniform Communication

All registered respondents receive the same notifications at the same time via email:

  • Addenda
  • Clarifications
  • Notices

System Locks with First Response

When the first respondent hits the first key to begin filling in his submission, the system locks and no changes can be made to the bid forms or documentation without all bidders being notified. From that moment, any changes are done as addenda and all document takers are notified simultaneously of every addendum so they can read and/or download it.

Controlled Bid Form Changes

If a bid form has to be amended, all bidders are notified simultaneously and the changes are automatically updated for all bidders - deleted fields are removed and new fields are inserted and highlighted for completion.

Vetted Submissions

No response is accepted unless:

  • all mandatory fields are filled in
  • all mandatory attachments are included
  • numeric fields contain only numbers
  • the submitter’s signature is verified
  • there is still time left on the Countdown Clock

Single Clock

A single official Countdown Clock runs the event and is displayed on all pages of the bid response form for everyone to see at any time. There are no other clocks, so there are no issues with synchronization, or misunderstanding the time.

Computer-Enforced Sealed Bids

Responses are closed until the expiration of the Countdown Clock when they become available to the authorized person or team running the bid event. Optionally, for bid processes that do not require sealed submissions the system supports open bidding with the same rules enforcement but the bids are available the moment they are received.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

A complete time-stamped audit trail is maintained of all bid event activities, from emails sent and received to documents viewed and downloaded, to responses submitted.

Certified 3rd Party Copies

To ensure tamper-proof data integrity, the moment a response is submitted a complete copy is made and retained by an integrated, independent data witnessing service that meets the Electronic Records as Documentary Evidence Standard (CAN/CGSB-72.34-2005). The electronic copy is stored on the 3rd party’s servers and a microfiche copy (shelf life of 500 years) is created and stored in an off-premises vault.

State-of-the-Art Security

  • Encrypted transmissions when working on the platform
  • Data center meets the highest PCI DCC standards and certifications

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