Bid Management Tools: Better Bid Results at a Lower Cost in Less Time

Online Bidding Software reduces submission errors, effort and cost

Whether you are looking for bids, proposals, qualifications, or information, you'll get better results using our online bid event platform because:

  • only complete, error-free responses can be submitted
  • it's easier and less costly for vendors to respond than paper or email systems
  • complex requests/responses are simplified through computer power
  • you have complete control and can monitor the entire process

Take a look at how Etegri's platform-enforced process can benefit you.

Etegri’s Bid Event platform has the process programmed in.

Eliminate Delays and Bad Submissions Saving Time and Money

Etegri’s online platform guarantees that your process is followed. It:

  • Enforces your bidding rules
  • Will not accept an incomplete response
  • Does pre-submission field validation
  • Does a pre-submission error-check
  • Will not accept a late response
  • Time Stamps all submissions
  • Maintains an Audit Trail

Lower Costs for You and Your Vendors

From the costs of paper and shipping, to the time it takes to set up, run, and tabulate an event, to the costs of completing and delivering a response, Etegri saves everyone time and money:

And you can recover costs with our innovative pricing model.
Want to see how much you and your clients can save?

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Total Control

Have complete control over every facet of the bidding process, from who is invited, to monitoring who has downloaded documents, to who is working on a response or already submitted, and everything in between. You can setup and run any event exactly the way that best works for your organization.

Faster Analysis and Awarding

Since Etegri tabulates response results the moment an event closes, you save hours or days, and eliminate errors, by not having to transcribe data from paper or email responses. You can output the results to a spreadsheet for easy manipulation or analysis, and to generate the reports you need.

Streamline Complexity

Complex requirements make it cumbersome for vendors to pull their responses together and increase the time needed to prepare response documents. They also drive up the time and effort for your staff to tabulate and evaluate responses causing awards to drag out for weeks.

Etegri’s highly flexible forms with features like auto-fill and Cascading Forms simplify complex responses for vendors. And automatic response tabulation rolls up even the most complex results into easy-to-read, easy-to-use formats speeding analysis and awards for you.

Manage More Bid Events with the Same Staff

Etegri reduces staff time to prepare, run and analyze a bid event by up to 60%. Where do the savings come from?

  • Templates to create bid documents – a few clicks set up the event
  • Broadcast emails to contact vendors – a single “Send” reaches everyone
  • Downloaded bid documents and amendments – no envelope stuffing shipping
  • Automatic notifications for updates/amendments – no effort required, when you upload the new document, Etegri notifies everyone
  • Responses received by the Etegri platform – no staff time needed to accept, time stamp, or write receipts
  • Automated creation of a complete audit trail – no staff time needed to track and record activities
  • Automatic response tabulation – all data is available the moment the event closes, no matter how complex the requirements

Easy Communications

One of the biggest challenges in running a bid event is communicating with your vendors. From notifying them of the opportunity to ensuring that everyone gets amendments, to Q & A, to getting submissions in on time, communications is a huge issue.

Because Etegri is 100% in the cloud, these challenges disappear:

  • All communications are electronic - no time delay, everyone gets messages at the same time, auditable
  • Broadcast opportunities publically or invite privately
  • Automatic opportunity posting on relevant websites
  • New document/amendment notices sent automatically
  • Submission delivered with a click – no couriers, fighting traffic, parking or missing a deadline because of traffic
  • Integrated faxing
  • Built-in directory of Vendors and Contractors
  • Online Countdown Clock – everyone’s on the same time
  • Complete audit trail – monitor event progress plus a record of who saw/did what and when

Recover Costs

We offer several mechanisms for bid event cost recovery based on your business model. Combine that recovery with the savings you get from less time needed to setup and run an event, zero result tabulation time, and greatly reduced addenda handling and Q & A time, and you have a dramatic reduction in the total cost for an event.

Etegri in Action

Over the past 15 years Etegri’s technology has been used as part of the process in hundreds of thousands of events to acquire tens of billions of dollars’ worth of goods, services and construction.

Who uses Etegri?

  • Airports
  • Banks
  • Colleges & universities
  • Construction companies
  • Government agencies
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial facilities
  • Libraries
  • Local & regional governments
  • Manufacturers
  • Ports
  • Prisons
  • Property management companies
  • Public-Private Partnerships
  • Residential complexes
  • Retailers
  • Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • School districts

What do they buy?

  • Brain injury therapy
  • Bridges
  • Catering
  • Consulting Services
  • Consumable supplies & materials
  • Dams
  • Electronics
  • Facilities construction
  • Highways, sewers, water
  • Helicopter services
  • Industrial & construction materials
  • IT equipment & services
  • Maintenance services
  • Major construction
  • Maintenance supplies & parts
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • School buses & other vehicles
  • Sea towing

Just to name a few

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