Online Bidding Software Saves Time, Money, and Lost Opportunities

Bid management software designed for vendors: online forms, built-in error checking and much more

Figuring out a bid response is hard enough, you shouldn’t also have to juggle dozens of pieces of paper, make sure that you have the latest addenda, worry about omitting required information, or have to make a mad dash through rush hour traffic to submit.

Save Time and Money

The Etegri bid event platform cuts the time and cost of submissions by up to 35% with:

  • Online, fill-in-the blank forms – easy to use, easy to change
  • Submission status dashboard ensures you always know what’s left to complete
  • Built-in computation – automatically handles derived arithmetic fields (+, -, x, /) and totals
  • Everything is available with a click or two – no papers to sort through or lose
  • Online documents – no printing, no paper, nothing lost or illegible
  • Instantaneous submission – no couriers, dashing through traffic, or arriving two minutes late

Eliminate Technical Disqualifications

It’s so frustrating to submit the winning bid and then be disqualified because one answer is missing, a numeric field contains text, or your watch is 5 minutes slow. That will never happen with Etegri because we:

  • Highlight all required fields
  • Error check numeric fields
  • Ensure that all required attachments are included
  • Will not allow you to submit if there are any errors or missing data
  • Show the official Countdown Clock on every page of the response forms

Impartial Process … Guaranteed

Our cloud-run bid events are absolutely impartial, so you can feel confident when submitting because:

  • All bidding rules are computer-enforced
  • All bidders are subject to the same set of rules
  • All bidders are notified of addenda or changes simultaneously
  • All activities are captured in a time-stamped Audit Trail
  • There is a single official Countdown Clock available to everyone on the site
  • Once the first bidder enters the first piece of information the system locks and any changes are sent to all bidders simultaneously

Free Account and Opportunity Searching

By setting up a free account you will be listed in our online directory which is available to procurement professionals using our platform. They search and invite vendors to bid based on their profiles. You can also search and bid on the public opportunities posted on our Opportunities page once you register.

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