Operating System

  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • Linux

Internet Browser

  • High Speed Internet with the latest version of one of the following internet browsers:
    • Internet Explorer
    • Mozilla (Firefox)
    • Chrome
    • Safari

Common Hardware Recommendations

  • 4GB of RAM with performance improvements at greater RAM capacities
  • 20% free hard disk space (minimum of 5GB)
    • Regular disk maintenance and ample free space is recommended
  • Screen Resolution minimum of 800 x 600
    • 1024 x 768 or higher is recommended for a more useful display


Adobe Acrobat Reader (version 5 or newer)

  • Newer documents may not display all information with older versions of Acrobat Reader.
  • We recommend use of the most current version of Acrobat Reader for utmost compatibility.

Java Virtual Machine (JVM 1.6 or newer)

  • Java is required for viewing documents online.
  • We recommend that Java be kept as current as possible to enhance your system security.

Enable Pop-Ups

    • To fully use this PlanSource site, pop-ups from need to be viewed.
    • Enable pop-ups in your web browser, security software and any third party add-ons you may have (ie: Google or Yahoo toolbars) for
      • Enable pop-ups in IE
        1. Open Internet Explorer
        2. Go to Tools ⇒ Internet Options
        3. Click on the Privacy tab
        4. Click on the Settings button located in the Block Pop-ups section
        5. Type in and click Add
        6. Close out of Internet Options and Internet  Explorer to apply the settings
        7. Start Internet Explorer again and continue
      • Enable pop-ups in Mozilla Firefox
        1. Open Mozilla Firefox
        2. Go to Tools ⇒ Options
        3. Click on Content option selection item
        4. If Block Pop-up windows is enabled, click on the Exceptions button
        5. Type in and click the Allow button
        6. Close out of the option window and Firefox to apply the settings
        7. Start Firefox again and continue