General Contractors delivers the most comprehensive and innovative set of tools available for Invitation to Bid, Document Control and Bid Management. Combine that with the Cloud and you have the ideal platform for preconstruction activities. Here’s how that technology works for you.

Take a look at how our platform-enforced process can benefit you.

Infrastructure - Ready to use and flexible

  • Hosted cloud-based solution eliminates capital investment, software and maintenance costs

Invitation to bid

  • gives you the power to broadcast or narrowcast your Invitation to Bid (ITB), so you can quickly get the most competitive quotes.
  • Provide access by invitation only to your desired companies or prequalified subs, and save your favourite groups.

Intention to Bid

You know the way the market works and you may have to wait till the last minute to actually get sub prices in, but you can always find out which subs are interested in responding ahead of time, so you're not stuck with no prices on closing day

  • Monitor in real time which companies have downloaded your ITB documents and addenda
  • Request or mandate an 'Intention to Submit' to find out if users are just browsing or are in fact interested in bidding

File Management - Easy upload and download

Combine the tracking benefits of hard copy documents with the simplicity and speed of electronic distribution

  • Drag and drop entire folder trees of documents unlike the elementary tools provided by public tendering websites and clunky FTP sites
  • Your existing folder structure is duplicated on the system
  • Subs and suppliers use built-in online take off tools or import files into their take off tool of choice
  • Post any file format you use including .tiff, .pdf, .dwg, .dwf, .jpg, .gif, .doc or any other

Security and Access Control - Protect your documents

  • Automated access management eliminates the need for administering user accounts
  • Permission controls make it easy to control access by predefined groups

Addenda Management

Ensure that all companies that downloaded the original documents also receive any addenda in a timely manner, so you are not receiving prices based on incomplete information

  • Addenda notice pushed automatically by the system to plan takers
  • Easily add addenda documents to the folder tree for easy access by subs and suppliers

Database Management Tools

  • Complete Trade/Supplier data management tools help keep your lists up to date
  • Integrated Fax and email communication make it fast and easy to distribute notices and Invitations to Bid

Document Output - Easy view, download, print

  • Immediately view and work with any document online
  • Download any available file for use locally
  • Send orders for copies to a professional reprographer

Audit Trail - Keep track of everything

You may not require an audit trail legally, but it certainly doesn't hurt to have one available when it can save a business relationship from going sour

  • Every activity on the system is documented accurate to the second including the identity of the account holder
  • A number of reports and logs are available to ensure you have the data you need for any reporting needs

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